Luxury Homes Monument Co

Luxury Homes Monument Co

If you dream of owning a home full of charm and character, features and amenities; consider luxury homes in Monument CO from KW Clients' Choice Realty. Whether you are selling your luxury home or looking to buy one, we can plug you into the right market. Call us, and talk to a realtor today! All of our realtors are highly experienced, people-friendly and ready to help. Monument CO is a great place to live, and you can get a luxury home for pennies on the dollar compared to what you would pay in big city markets.

What is a Luxury Home to Us?

If you are thinking about owning or selling a luxury home, you may or may not already have an idea of what makes a luxury home a luxury home in the first place. Most people think that a luxury home is determined by the home's cost, its location, the number of square feet within the home, the home's amenities and features, and other determining factors. To be honest, “luxury” isn't always based on any one or a combination of these factors. Often times, “luxury” is a subjective term and is determined by the buyer's market.

KW Clients' Choice Realty sells luxury homes in Monument CO that have certain characteristics the current local marketplace accepts as a luxury. Of course, location is key when determining if a home is a luxury home. KW Clients' Choice Realty sells homes with the most coveted private and prized locations in Monument.

Monument is a Great Place to Live

Located about halfway between Colorado Springs and Denver on I-25, Monument CO sits at the base of the eastern foothills of the Rocky Mountains. Monument is the perfect location for people who love the outdoors! Whether you like hunting, fishing, boating, snowmobiling, four-wheeling, hiking, bird watching, or anything else to do with the outdoors, Monument is a cozy, quiet, and safe little town with amazing properties and scenic geography.

Here, you'll be close enough to Denver that you can drive to the city within 25 minutes or so, but you'll be far enough away that you won't have to deal with the rush-hour traffic, the crime, and overpopulation. KW Clients' Choice Realty has beautiful luxury homes starting around $500k all the way up to $3 million right here in Monument CO.

Contact a Realtor at KW Clients' Choice Realty for Luxury Homes in Monument CO

All of our realtors are helpful. We're here to match people with the homes they want. We are local realtors who know the market, and we invite you to check out our luxury homes listings.

Whether you're looking to sell or buy a luxury home in Monument, one of our qualified realtors can help you. We sell luxury homes that are beautiful and full of useful features including the latest technology and home design. Constructed with the finest materials, finishes, appliances, and full of modern amenities, we have the best of the best!


Luxury Homes Monument Co

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Luxury Homes Monument Co

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