Possum Kingdom Lake House

Article provided by: Sabrina Sparkman, Realtor®

Possum Kingdom Lake House

Possum Kingdom Lake is one of the most picturesque locations in all of Texas. Every year, people flock to its shores to swim in its clear water, bask in the beaming summer sun, and cast their lines across its 310 miles of shoreline. For many, Possum Kingdom Lake is a holiday destination. For you, it can be home.

Coldwell Banker Realty is the leading force in Possum Kingdom Lake real estate. With us, a Possum Kingdom Lake house doesn’t have to be a privilege reserved for the home hunter with the best paycheck. We believe everybody deserves a chance to live in this Texan paradise. That’s why we vow to get you the greatest deal on the home that steals your heart.

You’ll find some of the top cheap houses for sale in Possum Lake, TX listed below.

215 Bay Hill Dr, Possum Kingdom Lake, TX 76449

This spacious 4-bedroom home is perfect for any family looking to settle down in Possum Kingdom Lake. 4 baths complement the house’s 4 bedrooms, while a media room ensures constant entertainment when you’re not out on the lake. The kitchen is spacious and provides ample room for cooking and dining.

The jewel in this home’s crown is its patio area. Resting 200 feet above Possum Kingdom Lake, the patio promises jaw-dropping views of the lake and its surroundings.

260 Oyster Bay Dr, Possum Kingdom Lake, TX 76449

For smaller families, there is this stunning Cliff Line property. The sprawling home encompasses 3,121 square-feet and features 3 bedrooms, with 2.1 bathrooms to boot.

Its sunlit island kitchen provides the ideal setting for your morning coffee, while its two water view balconies will leave you spoiled for choice at sunset. On colder evenings, you might prefer to spend your time in the home’s furnished billiards rooms.

140 Harbour Town Dr, Possum Kingdom Lake, TX 76449

This is perhaps the most stunningly decorated Possum Kingdom Lake house on the market. Its simple exterior houses the perfect blend of traditional and modern architecture for an effect that is truly mesmerising. The kitchen, though spacious, has a cosy feel that is perfect for family meals.

This home’s 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms make it ideal for raising a family or regularly welcome visitors. On warm nights, you can enjoy the scenic views from the stone patio. When things get a little cooler, you can pass the time by the kitchen’s granite bar.

55 Coghill Dr, Possum Kingdom Lake, TX 76449

This is one of the most affordable properties currently listed in Possum Kingdom Lake. But despite its low price tag, this home is truly a masterpiece of contemporary design. Ideal for small families, it features 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms.

Among its many modern features are Low-E glass, instant hot water, and an integrated audio system. But despite these sleek additions, the property has a distinctly Texas feel. When you live here, you’ll always be surrounded by the comforts of the Lone Star State.

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